The Pledger Company

Jim Pledger and associates are involved in consulting relationships primarily with companies who provide equipment and services to law enforcement, homeland security and military organizations.  In particular, we work with manufacturers of firearms, firearms ranges, hard and soft armor, night vision/thermal imaging and other similar products.  We also work in the commercial sector with companies who develop and manufacture products related to sporting goods and personal protection. 

Our expertise and experience is in helping companies to develop or increase their market penetration through the creation of sales and marketing programs and also through the introduction these products to potential distribution partners.

We work with mature companies to help them achieve a larger market share, either to address competitive pressures or to introduce new products to distribution and consumers.  One example of this work is a relationship with a large defense contractor who was also attempting to move their products into the law enforcement and civilian markets, but was unsure of methods to do so.  We assisted this company, in part, by creating relationships with the National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED) and by providing a list of over 300 active “cop-shops” and other retailers who sell police equipment. 

We also work with early stage companies to help them develop new products, to create a marketing plan and sales programs, to establish sales representation and/or distribution and to take the product(s) to market.  One example of this is our relationship with the inventor of an innovative pepper spray gun for personal protection.  We helped the inventor to refine the product, enhance his patent and intellectual property protection, develop packaging and marketing materials, establishing sales representation and distribution, and ultimately sell the business to a large manufacturer. 

Jim Pledger and affiliated company Pledger&Reynolds Consulting is an Associate Member of NAPED, Jim is on the Firearms Committee for the International Association of Chiefs of Police and has a consulting relationship or is an executive for the companies listed below.  In addition, he maintains active contacts with law enforcement, military and sporting goods companies on a national and international basis and throughout the various industries involved with these products.

Action Target, Inc.     
Firearms range and target systems

Morphix Technologies
First responder kits to detect hazardous gases

Setpoint Ammunition    
Custom precision rifle ammunition

ArmorShield USA          
Ballistic vests and hard armor products

Air conditioning for body armor

Tactical Mic Klip  
Radio retention item for Police and sportsmen

Mace Security International
Mace Pepper Gun (formerly DragonFireOC)

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